Incense and Magic and Witches – Oh, my!

I had an interesting (and slightly weird) day today. Let me start by pointing out that the Law of Attraction tells us that the Universe brings to us that which we are a vibrational match to.

For the benefit of this article, I will translate that into an explanation of why it sometimes seems that when you start thinking about something new you will suddenly begin to notice lots of little things that you never saw or heard before even though those little things have probably been there all along. But now that you’re thinking about this new thing, they are right in front of you, very clear and very obvious (to you). Case in point: I am suddenly noticing references to witches and magic, and information related to same is appearing in front of me as if by…(I have to say it)…magic!

Here’s how this idea started for me today. First, I’ve been thinking about Sage for awhile now. About a year ago I watched a “healer” at a metaphysical fair perform a ritual on someone using smoke from a bundle of dried sage. At the time I didn’t understand the purpose of the ritual, but it was something curious and slightly interesting to me, so I made a mental note to myself to learn more about it at some point.

For reasons I cannot explain, “some point” appears to be now. So this morning I find myself searching online for information about the ritual. According to the website I found, sage can be used for “personal cleansing when your energy is low, you feel depressed and out of sorts, or if you have been around negative people in a negative situation.” It also goes on to say that you can use it before bed to clean away the physical and emotional grime and stress of the day.

For those who are not familiar, you don’t actually wash with it. What you do is light a bundle of dried sage, blow out the flames and use the smoke to “sweep away” all that negative energy you’ve been collecting throughout the day. Why this ritual sounds fascinating to me, I cannot tell you. But it does. I also remembered that I kind of liked the smell of the burning sage when I saw it used at the metaphysical fair, so I decided I would try it. (In case you’re curious, the smell of the smoke reminds me a bit of a certain smokable herb…but we won’t go there in this blog.)

So…I eventually head out to Cosmic Connections, my favorite little metaphysical store here in Nashville, with the intention of purchasing some sage. As I browse, I am sidetracked by a clearance shelf full of various types of incense. There is a particular brand I find interesting. It is called “Feng Shui Incense.” It comes in several blends, named things like “Journey,” “Health,” “Recognition” and “Love.” I read the label for each blend and am excited about each of them…except the “Love” blend. As much as I would like to experience an incense designed to open my “Chi” for Love, I’m just not a fan of Patchouli, which is an ingredient in this blend. But…I do pick out one tube of each of the other blends and a very cool looking incense smoker.

Having said that, I feel I must now say that, typically, when I walk into a store that sells incense I am not drawn to purchase it. These types of stores tend to have a smell about them that I find less than appealing. (maybe it’s the Patchouli?) I will very often experience headaches that will only subside once I leave the building. So why I was drawn to purchase incense to burn in my home is a mystery to me.

Finally, after speaking with the storeowner about the various Sage options available, I select a bundle to use in my yoga/meditation room (I call it that, but it’s really just an empty bedroom I haven’t done anything with yet). I leave the store feeling very happy and content with my purchases and anxious to experiment with my new “toys.”

Later that day I have a conversation with someone I’ve met only recently. He asks me about my day. I tell him I went to Cosmic Connections. He’s not familiar with the store. I explain that it is a metaphysical store. He asks if I am into that stuff. (Um…no…I just like the purple sign out front so every once in awhile I stop in to visit it.) He says he’s fine with that sort of thing as long as something doesn’t come crawling out of my eyeballs while we’re together. I laugh it off, saying that no, I’m not into *those* sorts of things. (That call ended badly.)

Shortly after dinner I decide it is “time.” I don’t want to do the Sage thing tonight, but I’d like to try some incense. I dig out my little bag of goodies and re-read the labels on the three tubes. I decide “Recognition” will be my scent of the night. The label indicates it supports “harmonious Chi (energy) in the fame section of your home.” I’m not sure where the “fame” section of my home would be, but I decide the living room will have to do, as I am also looking forward to watching a movie. This blend includes the ingredients “MYRRH~success, dissolves disturbing influences” (I’ve had lots of those lately, so this sounds good to me); it also includes “COSTUS~harmonizing; CASSIA~good luck, relaxing; SANDALWOOD~protection guidance.” Sounds good. I light a stick and put it in my new incense smoker.

Next I grab the last of the three videos I checked out of the library a few days ago. It’s an oldie called “Bell, Book and Candle,” starring James Stewart and Kim Novak. I’ve forgotten the story line, so I re-read the back of the box. It’s about a witch (Novak) who finds herself intrigued by her upstairs neighbor (Stewart). On the eve of his wedding (the same night she meets him) she casts a spell over him, causing him to ditch his fiance and fall in love with her. Hmmm…Interesting choice.

I begin watching the movie and I’m suddenly consumed with the urge to write something for my blog. (Has the incense influenced this desire?) But it’s such a nice night…first I want to drive somewhere. (I know none of this makes sense. That’s my point.)

Where should I go? There’s a little liquor store down the street. Maybe something…different. There’s a Chai liqueor that I really like, so I grab my keys and head out the door. I get in the car and flip on the radio. About half way to the liquor store I realize I’m singing along to “Black Magic Woman.” Wait, what?

So what does all this mean? Am I destined to find myself bent over a cauldron stirring a steaming mixture of bat’s blood and dragon cuticles anytime soon? Not likely. But I believe this is a pretty good example of how Law of Attraction works. Granted, in this example a random thought process yielded irratic results. But it also raises the question, (to me, at least) of what I could manifest for myself if I were to really focus…

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