Sending Out Negative Vibrations: Lesson Learned

Originally Posted June  30 2012:

I was reminded recently of the power of the law of attraction. It happened just last week. You see, as many of us do, I often find sayings and pictures on Facebook that I think are funny and repost them. Well last Tuesday evening, I stumbled across a drawing by It was of a woman with a wine glass. I had seen the same drawing before with another saying on it. The saying on this one was “Your dumb shit is what makes me want to get tanked at 11 am.”

I’m not gonna lie…it made me chuckle. And while there wasn’t anyone in particular who came to mind at that moment, I could think of several people who had the potential to cause me that level of frustration from time to time. So, even though it’s against my rule to post negative messages, I decided to share it.

Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. I had a training event scheduled, which I was to lead. I bet you can’t guess what happened? Yep – it blew up! The manager in attendance derailed it, challenged me in front of my team and completely undermined my authority to speak on my chosen topic. Nice.

I spent the next several days recovering from that incident, first getting over my anger with the manager and then forgiving myself for allow me to get so worked up about it, and finally, forgiving myself for allowing myself to fall into that particular situation. There were, after all, things I could have done differently that might have prevented or at least minimized the negative response of the manager.

It was last night that I remembered my posting of the ecard on Facebook. Lesson learned.