Celebrity Solstice – Day 2 at Sea

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Day two at sea on the Celebrity Solstice was soooo much better than day one. Day one was filled with nausea due to rough seas and me not having found my sea legs.

I awoke on day two feeling ready to relax and enjoy the ride! After breakfast I did some on-board shopping and then headed for our workshop, which was scheduled from 1:30 to 4:15. (I’m traveling with a group who are all here to – in addition to seeing beautiful islands – participate in some new age / motivational workshops.) I learned from the previous day’s workshop that if you are at all queasy, it is best to sit more near the center of the ship.

After the workshop I made a beeline for the Martini Bar and ordered a Cosmopolitan. I was behind on my alcohol consumption due to the previous day’s queasiness! After the martini, I made my way to one of the outside bars and had a glass of sparkling wine.

I then met up with a couple I’ve been dining with since the first night. They are a Ukrainian couple living in Melbourne, Australia.  She is a violinist for the Melbourne Opera. They are both very sweet, and it’s nice to have a little consistency at the dinner hour. We share our stories of where we’ve been and what we’ve done throughout the day and then after dinner we go our separate ways…until the next night’s dinner!

I’ve met many very friendly people on the trip, so almost everywhere I go I run into someone I can say hello to and chat for a minute or two.

After dinner I was back at the Martini Bar for a chocolate martini – they have an ice-covered bar!

Chocolate Martini on Ice-Covered Bar
Chocolate Martini on Ice-Covered Bar

I then moved to a bar on the next deck below. I told the bartender there that I wanted a coffee drink but didn’t know which one. She said, “No problem! I make for you!” I watched as she proceeded to add healthy pours of at least three liqueurs, then some coffee, and whipped cream on top. You can never go wrong with a whipped cream- topped drink!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrity Solstice – Day 2 at Sea

  1. I was on a cruise on the celebrity constellation last November. I also had some seasickness due to rough seas – but got to love that martini bar, it was fantastic

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