Mother / Daughter Intuition – The Pregnancy

I have a very vivid memory from about three and a half years ago. One morning – it was a Saturday in October – I woke up, sat straight up in bed, and said to myself, “Oh, my God! I’m going to get the call. And it will be from *Daughter A*!” I was stunned for a few minutes, but then brushed it off as just a weird dream.

About a month later – two days after my birthday – I got the call. I was going to be a grandmother for the first time. My daughter was one month pregnant. No, she wasn’t going to marry the father of the baby, as a matter of fact, as soon as he got the news, he was out the door! But she had decided to keep the baby. She had been worried at first, but now felt she was up to the challenge of doing this on her own. She had not told me when she called me on my birthday because she “didn’t want to do that to me.”

Wow. Even though I had already been *given* the information, I obviously hadn’t believed it. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

It’s really kind of creepy when you think about it. I mean, I *knew* my daughter was pregnant right about the same time it happened! Was I there? Yuk! That’s not something I want in my head!

Regardless of the how or the why of this phenomenon, I remained plugged in to my daughter’s vibration throughout her pregnancy.

When she was about five months along I was planning a trip to New Orleans with a bunch of friends. Even though I was determined to go, there was something in the back of my mind telling me that something wasn’t right. Though the pregnancy hadn’t gone smoothly so far, my daughter had been holding her own. But something was still worrying me. Still not believing my own intuition, I wrote it off to pre-travel nerves and went ahead with my trip.

On about the second day of the trip I got a phone call from my daughter. She had been having contractions and was in the hospital. She was waiting for the doctor to return to let her know if she could go home or whether they would admit her for the night. We played phone tag for most of the night as nurses were in and out of her room, each giving her only partial details. They had to wait for the doctor. Several hours later they sent her home.

The same thing happened that July 4th weekend. I was planning a weekend getaway with friends. This time it was close enough to my daughter’s due date that I decided to pass on the trip and stay by the phone. Once again, my daughter called to let me know she had been experiencing contractions. Once again they did not admit her. They gave her medication to stop the contractions and sent her home.

So…what to make of this? The thing I find really interesting about this is that I was not plugged in at all to either my daughter’s second pregnancy, which ended in miscarriage, or her third pregnancy, which resulted in a healthy baby boy. Each pregnancy was considered high risk by her doctors, but the only one I zoned in on was the first.

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